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Discount Policy

Discount provided by

In order to keep our good cooperative and long-term relations, provide more profit to our customers, offers two kinds of discount schemes.


The First Discount : According to the accumulating integrals.

The system will give you integrals when you spend every 1 US dollar for goods price.

Integrals Level


500-999 Integrals

2% off for goods price

1000-2999 Integrals 

4% off for goods price

3000-4999 Integrals 

7% off for goods price

More Than 5000 Integrals 

9% off for goods price



The Second Discount: According to one time order amount.

Minimum Amount For Goods Price


Order over 500 US dollars one time

3% off for goods price

Order over 1000 US dollars one time

5% off for goods price

Order over 3000 US dollars one time

8% off for goods price

Order over 5000 US dollars one time

10% off for goods price



1. The shipping fee is charged by shipping company, so the discount is basing on goods price.

2. For special cooperation, such as already had fixed discount, don't match this discount policy.

3. One order cannot enjoy two kind's of discount at one  time .

    For example, your integrals reach 1000 , but your one time order amount is more than $3000.

    For goods price, then you can only get discount of 8% off. For this issue our system will give your the best one automatically.

4. For special deal, please contact our Online Customer Service to negotiate.