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Do you own a specialized online store? offers drop ship service to registered customers for free.

Choose the drop ship from means that you do not have to concern the stocks everyday.

We will offer a large number of inventories with updating styles. Also you do not need to care about the

market and the sales, the products that we supply are the most popular, fashion and tide.


1. Drop Ship Description & Policy:

Drop Ship service is designed for those who have their own online shop, such as

We broke the traditional drop ship rules and provide the powerful drop ship service.

1. From now on, you don't have to worry about inventory
, we will help you to deal with everything.  

2. All the people can do drop ship and copy thousands of styles’ pictures free from

3. Take care of everything for you:Excellent inventory condition, Fast shipping, Perfect after-sales service.

4. No minimum order, drop ship from only 1 piece.


2. Drop Ship Steps:

1.Sign up an account in Click here to Join In.

2.Sign in the account

3.Search the items which your customer ordered and click “Add to cart”.

4.Click"Check out", Fill the consignee info of your customer and select the payment method and shipping method.

5.Click “Place order” get the order number and make the payment 

6.The order will be directly shipped to your customers according to the shipping info you provided.

3.Drop Ship Tips:

1.When you make the order, please specify your customers consignee address in detail. such as Room,

    Street, District, City, States/Province, Country, Telephone number and Postal code if there is any.

2. Please make your customer examined the quantity of the goods carefully before sign it as received.

     We won't refund the missing items without the evidence offered by third party.

3. We won't accept the refund request due to the artificial damage.

4. After ship your package , you will get the tracking number in the user center from the option “My Order”.

    About how to track the package , please refer to Order Trace page.

5. How to calculate the shipping fee of each item ? In every product page, you will see a button "FREIGHT CALCULATION"

    You can click it to check the shipping fee to every country.



4.Diagram Drop Ship Service

The difference between the Wholesale Price and Retail Price is your profits.

Drop ship is a long-term business cooperation, We sincerely hope to be able to complete your every  order perfectly.

But if there are something unexpected, please contact us and settle it through friendly  consultations.

We'll try to meet your requirements and sincerely hope you can profit from here.