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Wholesale Service Introduction:


1. No Minimum Order Quantity don’t have a minimum order quantity. it accept the order for even 1 item for 1 piece.

Meanwhile, offerring discounts for bulk wholesales, please refer our Discount Page.


2. About Price (US Dollars):

The price shows on the website is the real price in US Dollars.

You can get a more competitive lower price if you order quantity reach a certain number.


3. About Procedure:

A: Every morning at 10:00 (GMT+8) we divided a boundary. Payment before this time, the order will be

     processed the same day. After it, order will be processed the next day. 


B: Since there is a large number of products of wholesalekingdom, some products out of stock is inevitable,

the rate is approximately 3%. When it happened, the follow methods will be taken to deal with the shortages: 

You will receive a mail about it immediately if met the shortages, you can take 2 methods to deal with your order.


The 1st: Refund.

You can notify us send your order directly, Then we will refund the price of the products that out of stock and the corresponding freight .

You can choose to direct refund your wholesalekingdom account in the balance or refund your PayPal account.

Notes: We cannot refund the money through Western Union, MoneyGram and T/T. 


The 2nd: Replace.

Please notify us remove the product that out of stock, Then tell us the item code you want to buy, we will do the

replacement for you and recalculate the value of your order. We will prepare it in another 24 hours and ship your package. 

Notes: If your don't response within 48 hours. In order not to delay your order, it will be processed as the first method. 


4. Special Case

If the amount of your order is large enough (Above 5000 US dollars), please contact our online customer service,

you will not be limited by the above terms of wholesale service. We can provide more favorable transport methods,

and we will have a dedicated customer service to track your order to ensure that your order can be shipped smoothly.

For the other outstanding issues, please contact our 7* 24hours customer service.